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Jimmy Choo, named at birth Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat, is a designer based in London best known for his line of luxury females’s shoes made popular in such shows as Sex and the City. Women clamored for his shoes, pumps and boots once Carrie Bradshaw and her close friends revealed such a loyalty to the Jimmy Choo brand name on the hit HBO show. Legend has it that he made his first shoe when he was eleven years old. The meteoric success of Choo’s shoes enabled him to diversify and provide other luxury products to his legion of fans. Celebrity fans of Jimmy Choo consist of the late Princess Diana, Hilary Duff and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Just the reference of Jimmy Choo will immediately make women think of good pairs of shoes. The designer behind this effective line of shoes is a Malaysian Chinese called Choo Yeang Keat. He concentrates on developing elite shoes for women. The band started to get tremendous popularity when it was showcased in Vogue magazine in 1998. Princess Diana further boosted the track record of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Another high-end shoe brand name that you can give to her as a present is Manolo Blahnik. The designer was understood for his stiletto shoes which became popular at the time when boots and wedges were the trend.

Jimmy Choo sunglasses stand for the absolute height of the fashion world. Both hot and cool, these luxury designer sunglasses are extremely demanded by those who appreciate style. You’re telling the world you’ve shown up and the world will take notice when you’re wearing Jimmy Choo sunglasses. The gorgeous lines and improved shapes of his line of sunglasses are simply beautiful. These glasses are elegant and powerful. These exquisitely crafted Jimmy Choo designer sunglasses will be your favorite accessory and a part of your favorite ensemble. The design, visual is always perfect. These glasses all reflect the designer’s flawless taste along with creativity.

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