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Most professional male models are between 5’10’ and 6’2′. Unlike female models, being of average height or slightly above is a benefit.

Most professional male models weigh between 140 and 165 pounds, though this can differ depending on where you fit on a Body Mass Index.

And, have you considered:

If you fall within those basic parameters you’ll find it easier to get work off the bat. But do not despair if you are too tall, too lanky, too wide, or weigh to little or too much; the male modeling marketing is expanding quickly, and niches are being established all the time.

Fashion Model Overload?

Male models sometimes find themselves in a more difficult position physically than female models, but with healthier results. Until very lately, female models were often expected to maintain unrealistic body shapes and levels of slimness that has given rise to widespread problems with eating disorders and self-image problems. Male models, on another hand, are supposed to look healthy. Extremely healthy. The ideal male fashion model is slim, but not too thin, muscular, but not too bulky, with a nice triangular torso. Aside from the covers of body-building magazines, you will not find much demand for Mr. Universe level muscles. Male models are, however, expected to be in peak physical condition, and have excellent muscle tone all over their bodies.

If you are gearing up to become a male model, it is a good idea to join a gym and hire a personal trainer. Achieving the right balance of diet and exercise to attain an optimal muscle tone can be quite difficult. Career male models might find themselves spending more time working out that walking the runway. Body shape and definition are more important to casting directors than a particular face type, on the plus-side. If you have got a well-sculpted body, you can probably find work, and male models with distinctive ‘looks’ do very well for themselves.

Male models enjoy a lot of flexibility with the type of photo shoots and advertisements they can do. A man can have salt and pepper hair to take a business executive in one shoot and then dye it to play a toned body guard in another. Hair style is always variable. Length tends to cater to the most recent fashion. Overall strength, warmth, distinction, and confidence are valued as ‘looks’ for male models.

Male models in fashion play a particularly important role. They do the same job the female ones do. The style you see in your man or his sense of fashion is all thanks to models like Tyson Beckford, William Levy and Tyrese.

When sending off your first portfolio to a modeling agent, there are some things to include. Make sure you have a standard headshot. You’ll need multiple full body shots given the focus on body in male modeling. Have one full body shot in shorts or underwear and a tank top. Have another in casual wear, like a T-shirt and jeans. And have a third shot in business casual wear or a full-blown suit.

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