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The best way to treat osteoarthritis is to take over your condition. You and your doctor must work well together, with a view to successfully fight this disease. He should consider your needs as a patient when prescribing an osteoarthritis treatment.

Many people remain unaware that they have osteoarthritis because the symptoms take a long time to manifest themselves. Usually, a patient will only know that he got the disease when his joints swell. He will also become conscious of the disease when he discovers that his joints are painful.

This disease is a degenerative state of the joints. People who’re diagnosed with this disease are usually over 60 years old. They can affect the knees, hips, hands, and sometimes even the spine of the patient.

Unfortunately, there is no drug that can prevent this deterioration of the joints. This is why if you’re diagnosed with osteoarthritis, your doctor can do nothing but recommend medicines that will allow you to deal with the pain. These medicines aren’t cures, but rather a help in the processing of the pain.


Thankfully, there are effective medicines that can relieve you of the pain that comes with osteoarthritis. No matter what type of arthritis you suffer from, there are drugs that can contribute to you. However, there are also natural ways to relieve osteoarthritis pain. One effective approach is to take Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate supplements. These substances are capable of promoting growth of cartilage and reduce the level of osteoarthritis pain.

Although there are effective pain relief drugs prescribed for osteoarthritis, natural pain relief if safer and just as effective. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate combined together are excellent supplements as part of the fight against arthritis pain: they’re said to increase mobility, reduce osteoarthritis pain and form the building blocks for cartilage growth.

You can also utilize silicon found in barley, oats, root vegetables, and wholegrain cereals. Silicon is essential to keeping your bones strong. It will also heal broken cartilage. On top of silicon and these supplements, in addition, you can apply natural ointments, gels, or creams on your painful joints.

Another effective natural treatment is silicon. Silicon helps make your bones strong. They also heal cartilage and protect your joint from wear and tear. They can be located in wholegrain cereals, root vegetables, oats, and barley. You can also use creams, gels, and other ointments that can help relieve osteoarthritis pain.

If osteoarthritis runs in your family, you should do things to protect yourself from the disease. Preventive measures must be applied. If you live a healthy life and exercise regularly, you can protect yourself from osteoarthritis. Athletes, however, are more susceptible to osteoarthritis because their sports can contribute to the decrease of their bones and joints. Repeated movements involved in most sports will also cause joint and bone deterioration.

However, it is always better to actually take preventative measures to not contract the disease to begin with. If osteoarthritis is something that the majority of your relatives suffer from, you can do things that will protect your joints. Exercising regularly and living a healthy life are always helpful. But those who play sports or are athletes are most likely to suffer from osteoarthritis when they get older. This is because the repetitive motions used in sports can contribute to the degradation of the joints.

Contacting your doctor if you feel joint pains is important. You cannot diagnose yourself. After all, your doctor is better equipped at dispensing diagnoses and treatments when it is a question of these conditions. If you have osteoarthritis on the knee, for example, your doctor will check the sides of your knee and your hip joints. He will also study your posture and gait. From these observations, your doctor will tell you the appropriate treatments or medications.

As the disease progresses, it will be far more difficult for the patient to move or deal with the pain. This is where surgery comes in. One example is hip replacement surgery or arthroplasty. Patterns of this disease also suggest that a growing number of people these days will be suffering from osteoarthritis as they get older. This is why it is important to know of natural medication and treatments for osteoarthritis, and other types of arthritis. Since there is still no drug that can completely relieve osteoarthritis pain, treating the disease the natural way is advisable.

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